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All of our Dotted Venues are in partnership with our app, providing CCTV controls and security in-venue to monitor any inappropriate behavior or circumstances.
Dots do not have any stored matching data in-built into the app, this allows people to roam freely and only connects with others in the same venue when both have their Play Mode switched on - rather than people approaching you when you are not ready and vice versa.
Dots also has an in-app Incognito Mode, where users can mask their location. You can also manage your matches and are in complete control of who can see you.
The chat program closes at 2am to prevent unwanted messages and to further promote a healthy, genuine connection with your matches.
Dots combines the latest in technology to ensure that all users have a digital footprint while signed into the app to ensure maximum protection and safety.
All Dots users can block anyone at any time and can report anti-social behavior (with the handy report Button) that will be sent directly to the Dots team.
Dots is not a big business, it is a small team based in Victoria who will personally respond to concerns and questions.
With safety guidelines in place, there is no ability for catfishing, robots, fake profiles, etc. so you can be assured that when you are in the venue, in Play Mode, that you are meeting a real person - one who is as genuine about creating a connection as you are.