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What is Dots

It’s all about in-person connection.
Gone are the endless hours of back and forth online chatting and awkward, job-interview first-dates. Dots is the app that will connect you with matches that are in the same venue as you, creating the perfect opportunity to discover an in-person connection, without the pressure of a date.
If you meet your match, you can arrange a proper date and the rest happens off-app. And if you don’t, you can continue having a great night with your friends.
  1. Download the app and complete your Dots profile
  2. Select the suburbs that you like to venture out to
  3. When you’re headed out, hit Play Mode to let your matches know where you’ll be
  4. Your potential matches will appear on your Dotted Venues page indicating where they will be
  5. If you just want a night out with friends or aren’t quite ready to connect, simply hit the Pause Mode to keep your location and profile hidden
  6. Once you’re out and ready to chat, send a quick message and have the first meet with your match or let them come to you
  7. The rest happens off the app - if you get great vibes, arrange a proper date (the rest is up to you!) and if it’s not for you, go and join your friends.
Dots is committed to our user’s protection and safety. We have a range of processes in place to make your search for a genuine connection the most stress-free and harmless it can be. Please head to our Dots Safety page for more information.