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Why Venues

We firmly believe that meeting someone in real life is leaps and bounds more beneficial than the back and forth of online messaging. You get the instant spark, the connection, the magic of anticipation and discovery all rolled into one. And, if who you meet isn’t for you, you can get back to a great time with your friends!
Meeting for the first time socially in our safe and responsible partner venues takes all the pressure off, you’re able to be your truest, most relaxed self; and so will your connections.
You are not committing to an awkward first date, but you’re still able to meet your like-minded matches as you have both indicated interest in each other and your profiles are compatible.
After the last couple of years spent inside, people are craving time away from screens - our safe and responsible partner venues give people the opportunity to take back control of their connection surrounded by good vibes, live music, and (most importantly) real interaction.